Complaints Handling and Disputes Policy

Complaints Handling and Disputes Policy


As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients, the Company uphold effective and transparent procedures for prompt complaint handling for existing and potential retail clients and the Company maintain records of complaints and measures taken for complaint resolution, in line with applicable MiFID legislation and guidelines of the CySEC.


If a client wishes to lodge a complaint, he/she must provide the following information to the Company:

  1. the client’s name and last name;
  2. the affected transaction (s) numbers
  3. the date and time of the disputed issue/trade;
  4. a brief description of the issue.
  5. Please note that a complaint must not include: Offensive language directed either to the Company or any of its employees.
  6. Name of Company’s employee that you had contact with and/or the relevant department

All complaints must be in writing (Online Complaint Form) and shall be addressed, in the first instance, to the Compliance Department in the first instance If complaints are sent to the Customer Support Department the complaint needs to be escalate it to the Compliance Department which will independently and impartially investigate it. The client can submit the complaint also by hand or by post as mentioned below.

The Company will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five (5) business day(s) from the receipt of your complaint and provide you with a unique reference number which should be used in all your future contact with the Company, the Financial Ombudsman and/or Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regarding the specific complaint.

Both the Customer Support Department and the Compliance Department shall thoroughly examine any complaints as required (taking into account any information contained within the books and records of the Company)

The Company shall make every effort to investigate your complaint and provide you with the outcome of our investigation within not more than two (2) months from the date you have submitted your complaint to us. During the investigation process will keep you updated of the handling process of your complaint. In case the Company are unable to respond you in this period of time, you will be informed for the reasons of the delay and the period of time when the investigation will be completed which will be no more than three months from the submission of the complaint). 

The client may submit complaints by

Sending the Complaints electronically to the email address given below:


All complaints will be treated strictly confidential.

Escalation & Financial Ombudsman